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Vaangden is a Singapore based company that provides engineering, project management and consulting services to energy and infrastructure sectors, helping clients to consistently achieve and sustain their project goals with outstanding safety and environmental performance, by effectively managing the triple constraints of  cost, schedule and quality. 

With our expertise in areas of oil & gas, infrastructure and process optimisation, we help our clients to achieve excellence in project and operations management. We also provide technical manpower, contract and procurement services, HSEQ support, customised training and supply chain management solutions for our clients, globally.

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Vaangden is the trusted advisor and partner to companies worldwide as they look to enhance value in the Energy Sector, with strong...
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In the Infrastructure Segment, Vaangden’s expertise aids clients in unlocking their potential to design, build and manage...
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Our expertise and profound knowledge of industry-specific benchmarks and best practices have helped our clients to optimize their operations...
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Vaangden is committed to a strong safety culture. We provide our clients with safety services that help them to focus their resources...
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Mission and Vision

To be the first choice and the most respected service brand, for business solutions and consultancy services.

To be a leader in the project management and consultancy sectors, aiding customers in achieving their business goals and realizing their full potential through innovative solutions, cutting edge technologies and sustainable practices; always anticipating their needs and delivering to them with highest quality and safety.

To relentlessly give our customers the most compelling experience possible on timely, world class services that are based on sound principles and ethical practices; in the context of an ever-changing global economic framework.


Aug 01 2017
Opportunity amidst chaos
The pre-2014 model of oil and gas operations characterised by high OPEX, outdated technology and unsustainable work programmes is no longer sustainable. Process optimisation, cost efficiency and project controls are in place and technical G&A costs have been contained. read more

Jun 15 2016
A time for synergies and negotiations
Recent expectations regarding the oil supply and demand conditions have focused on the prices remaining low for the rest of the year as well as 2017. read more


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