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Managed Services

Optimize and transform business processes with Vaangden’s high performance outsourcing platforms and solutions that can scale and adjust to the needs of the dynamic global economy. We can offer solutions beyond cost reduction, where management of the underlying process is achieved with latest technology and professional services (consulting, outsourcing, systems and process integration and support) that can integrate to any existing solutions that you may have.

Vaangden is capable of fulfilling a variety of requirements; from staff augmentation to long term assignments, in Client functions in the areas of C&P Management, Supply Chain and Finance & Accounting.

Vaangden can provide accounting management systems that can ease up accounting process, meet all accounting controls, and overall provide a state of the art, scalable system.

What Vaangden Offers

. Contracts Management (execution and administration)
. Purchasing and Expediting 
Import, Re-export and regulatory compliance
. Materials Management
. Inventory and warehouse management
. Market Intelligence
. Data Analytics
. Vendor Management and Supplier diversity
. Vendor/Supplier Quality and shop inspections
. Material Handling and Logistics
. Accounting Management 

What Clients get

. A resource pool of professionals who are mobile and subject matter experts in their fields.
. State-of-the-art automation tools and proven work processes.
. Market intelligence that can be leveraged to obtain value for customers by identifying global sourcing opportunities and mitigating price, currency and delivery risks.
. Long-term, senior-level relationships with key manufacturers, contractors and vendors that allow collaboration and innovation for cost reduction.Knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement protocols and practices.  



Vaangden will provide services to the following sectors:

    • End-to-end Asset Management (Planning and managing multi-million dollar work programs)
    • Project Management Support in Geology/ Geophysics
    • Drilling Engineering and Management
    • Development/ Projects/ EPIC Contracts - Project Management
    • Managed Services - Commercial and Contracts Management
    • Audit Risk Compliances and Policy Management
    • Liaising and Retainership Services
    • Oil and Gas Training
    • Safety Services
    • Other Oil and Gas Services
  • Other Energy Sectors - Power, Solar, Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas/LNG Projects
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceuticals


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