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Business Solutions

Vaangden provides software-based business solutions
for the following functions:

Contract and Procurement – CTMS
Vaangden CTMS is an end-to-end, scalable, state-of-the art contract management system that will ease up tendering and contracting process and improve performance (security, compliance and risk). It helps organizations to comply with the stringent regulatory and statutory compliance requirements and better manage and access information from their large numbers of high value or high risk contracts. It can track and manage tendering process, negotiations, terms and conditions, deliverables, commitments and milestones, throughout the tender and contract lifecycle to control revenue, reduce costs, maximize business benefits and minimize administration and legal expenses. It allows CEOs, CFOs, Legal Managers and Contract Managers to monitor organization’s contracting risk exposures and compliances, with the aid of data visualization tools.


Vaangden will provide services to the following sectors:

    • End-to-end Asset Management (Planning and managing multi-million dollar work programs)
    • Project Management Support in Geology/ Geophysics
    • Drilling Engineering and Management
    • Development/ Projects/ EPIC Contracts - Project Management
    • Managed Services - Commercial and Contracts Management
    • Audit Risk Compliances and Policy Management
    • Liaising and Retainership Services
    • Oil and Gas Training
    • Safety Services
    • Other Oil and Gas Services
  • Other Energy Sectors - Power, Solar, Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas/LNG Projects
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceuticals


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