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Vaangden is also an expert in the infrastructure segment. We help customers to unlock their potential to design, build and manage projects during construction through a seamless integration of collaborative technologies.

Our services will bring about:

  • Transformation Services

  • Construction and Delivery of Better Projects

  • Efficient Operation and Maintenance of Projects

  • Collaboration and Data Management

Vaangden provides Strategic consulting and implementation services in the Building Information Management sector and integrated BIM services in Facility Management.


Vaangden will provide services to the following sectors:

    • End-to-end Asset Management (Planning and managing multi-million dollar work programs)
    • Project Management Support in Geology/ Geophysics
    • Drilling Engineering and Management
    • Development/ Projects/ EPIC Contracts - Project Management
    • Managed Services - Commercial and Contracts Management
    • Audit Risk Compliances and Policy Management
    • Liaising and Retainership Services
    • Oil and Gas Training
    • Safety Services
    • Other Oil and Gas Services
  • Other Energy Sectors - Power, Solar, Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas/LNG Projects
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceuticals


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