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    Vaangden is a product and services company that provides software-based business solutions and techno-commercial services to various industries.

  • About Us

    Vaangden’s leadership team comprises of professionals and experts who have amongst themselves, senior management experience in excess of 100 years.

  • Products & Services

    As a product and services company, Vaangden provides business solutions, project management, consultancy, outsourcing, liaising, e-commerce.


      Vaangden is the trusted advisor and partner to companies worldwide, as they look to enhance value in the Energy Sector, with strong technology integration and collaborative working


      In the Infrastructure Segment, Vaangden’s expertise aids Clients in unlocking their potential to design, build and manage construction projects through a seamless integration of collaborative technologies.

    • Business Solutions

      We develop software based business solutions for all functions including but not limited to supply chain management, contract and procurement, plant and building maintenance, facilities management and content management.

    • Process Optimisation and Improvement

      We have supreme expertise and profound knowledge of industry-specific benchmarks and best practices in various functions and can provide consultancy in various areas like engineering, project management, supply chain, IT solutions, accounting, outsourcing, tendering and contract management, etc.

    • Managed Services

      Vaangden has an in-house team of experts who can provide end-to-end contract procurement and accounting services...

    • Strategic Partnerships and Liasing Services

      We act as strategic partners for reputed companies for their key products and services in the Asia Pacific region.


      Vaangden is committed to a strong safety culture. We provide our clients with safety services that help them to focus their resources on the risks that require the most attention and manage such risks with most practical and industry wide accepted solutions.

  • Partners and Clients

    OBTim : Process Improvement, Real Time Access : Outsourcing, manpower resources, RP Tech : SAP and software marketing and development

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    Email Us :
    Call Us : +65 6492 0870
    3 Shentonway, @07-09, Shenton House, Singapore 068805


Call Us
+65 6492 0870

Contact Us
3 Shentonway, @07-09, Shenton House, Singapore 068805