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process optimisation and improvement


Develop Global Sourcing Strategy: consulting
Consult on when, how, where and whom to partner with, define global operating models, conceive strategy and design optimal governance structures.

Global Sourcing Delivery:
Act as an extended enterprise and provide client specific support in implementing global sourcing programs in a scalable and cost-effective manner while remaining supplier/vendor and location neutral.

Contract Management
We provide our customers with world class contracts procurement and contracts services in the industry. The need to automate and improve contractual processes and satisfy increasing compliance and analytical needs have led to an increase in the adoption of more formal and structured Contract Management procedures in organisations. We have helped companies to build competitive advantage by developing sustainable and world-class competences including Strategic Contract Management, Business and Commercial analysis, Negotiations, Contractor/sub-contractor Management, Dispute Resolution techniques and HSEQ compliance. We have radically improved performance in C&P services, operational costs and overall competitiveness through full-scale process re-engineering rather than just focusing on localized improvements. We have helped organizations to achieve results that are significantly higher than traditional transactional C&P modules by adopting a strategic category management approach and contract life cycle management.

Supply Chain Management
We have proven processes, procedures, automation tools, market intelligence and qualified professionals who are subject matter experts, to responsibly deliver world class supply chain management solutions. We help customers to build competitive advantage by developing sustainable and world-class competences from suppliers to production to logistics and customers including, strategic supply chain management, global SCM solutions, supply chain optimization, planning, budgeting and control, business and commercial analysis and organizational design.

Big Data Solutions
Our associates in Big Data Consulting and Engineering Services have helped clients around the globe in strategic decision making process through our Big Data solutions.


Our BI and Analytics services and solutions cover the complete lifecycle of information utilization, from concept to consumption to insights. We support your initiatives around:

  • Defining strategy for Enterprise Information Architecture (EAI)

  • Leveraging variety of data available within the enterprise and from external sources–to build a “Data to Decision” continuum

  • BI Platform strategy, DW (data warehousing), Data Integration and Reporting / Data Visualization


Vaangden will provide services to the following sectors:

    • End-to-end Asset Management (Planning and managing multi-million dollar work programs)
    • Project Management Support in Geology/ Geophysics
    • Drilling Engineering and Management
    • Development/ Projects/ EPIC Contracts - Project Management
    • Managed Services - Commercial and Contracts Management
    • Audit Risk Compliances and Policy Management
    • Liaising and Retainership Services
    • Oil and Gas Training
    • Safety Services
    • Other Oil and Gas Services
  • Other Energy Sectors - Power, Solar, Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas/LNG Projects
  • Infrastructure
  • Pharmaceuticals


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